How to Help ?

Heart-4-Haiti Lutheran Mission Society works to support the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti (ELCH) in 4 areas:

1. Student Sponsorship

Rev. Thomas Bernard, Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and President of the ELCH, has schools in the capital city. These schools (K-13, including the first high school in the ELCH) are Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Village of Peace School, Leogani School, and Route de Freres School. To see information and budgets for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and the Schools, click the following link: School Budgets.

Why sponsor a child?

100% of your donation goes directly to the schools in Haiti!

By sponsoring a student you are helping those students who cannot afford tuition. Only about 50% of the parents in the 4 Lutheran schools in the Port-au-Prince area are able to pay their own children's tuition.

These Haiti Lutheran Schools provide lunch for all the students. For many children this is their only meal of the day.

The school is a powerful evangelism tool. Many unchurched students hear about the love of Christ and bring their parents to church.

The Lutheran Schools of the ELCH are meeting the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of the children.

How do you sponsor a child?

Sponsorship is $20.00 for 10 months or $200.00 per year. (However, any monetary donations are accepted!)

Make checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church and write Haiti Student Sponsorship in the memo section.

2. Special Projects

Special projects could be any need of the ELCH. Through this special projects fund and with the generosity of many, a new four-wheel drive vehicle was purchased for Pastor Bernard. Trinity Lutheran Church also purchased a generator for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School.

Current donations to this fund are going to purchase fuel for Pastor Bernard's new vehicle. The Heart-4-Haiti committee established this Fuel Fund to help with the cost of diesel. On average, diesel fuel in Haiti runs $8 (U.S) per gallon. If you would like to contribute to this fuel fund, please write "Fuel Fund" in the memo section of your check.

To see current and past special projects visit Our Projects page.

3. Church Worker Support

Pastors, lay ministers, and teachers receive sporadic (if any) financial support to continue their work. This fund was established to help them continue. Salaries for the teachers, principals, and workers, are always behind 2 or 3 months. Church worker support is an area where financial help is always needed.

4. Lutheran Hymnals and Publications in French

Churches in Haiti have very few hymnals. Heart-4-Haiti has established this fund for the purpose of purchasing hymnals, books, and other publications in French.

If you would like to support the work of the church in Haiti, please make your check payable to Trinity Lutheran Church, noting in the memo section of the check if your donation should be directed to Haiti Student Sponsorship, Special Projects Fund, French Hymnals, or Support for Church Workers in Haiti. Checks may be sent to:

Trinity Lutheran Church
4413 State Road 135
Vallonia, Indiana 47281
Phone/Fax: (812) 358-3225

Trinity Lutheran Church in Vallonia, Indiana, is funding the minimal administration cost of Heart-4-Haiti Mission Society. Therefore, 100% of your contribution is sent directly down to Haiti. The money is safely wired directly to a bank in Haiti.