Our Current Projects

Special projects could be any need of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Haiti.

Current donations to this fund are going to purchase fuel for Pastor Bernard's new vehicle. The Heart-4-Haiti committee established this Fuel Fund to help with the cost of diesel. On average, diesel fuel in Haiti runs $8 (U.S) per gallon. If you would like to contribute to this fuel fund, please write "Fuel Fund" in the memo section of your check.

Past Projects

New KIA Through our special projects fund and with the generosity of many, a new four-wheel drive KIA diesel vehicle was purchased for Pastor Bernard. The Vehicle was purchased for $22,250 in November, 2006. Funds were also available for the cost of insurance, taxes, registration, and plates that was $1,500; and an additional $1,000 was sent to Pastor Bernard to use for fuel cost.
Concerning the new KIA truck, Pastor Bernard stated, "This is really something I cannot explain. With it I am able to go everywhere in Haiti. I don't care now about the pedestrian kidnappers. Since it is brand new, it won't leave me in the dark streets where some kidnappers might hide."

Other projects have included the purchase of a generator for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School by Trinity Lutheran Church in Vallonia. Students at Lutheran Central School purchased a laptop for Pastor Bernard. A couple at Trinity Lutheran Church, Vallonia, also purchased a digital camera for Pastor Bernard to use to send back photos from Haiti.

We encourage you to visit "Our Projects" page often, to see what new project might be next!